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Mammoplasty; Breast Reduction Surgery

Mammoplasty or breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgery that is performed to reduce large and saggy breasts or in some cases to get rid of breast enlargement, resulting in better appearance. If you want to know more about mammoplasty and the different methods used while performing this surgery in Dubai by professional surgeons, this article can answer many of your questions. 

Mammoplasty in Dubai
Mammoplasty in Dubai

Reasons for Doing Mammoplasty

Many women might face different mental or physical issues because of having very big breasts. Some of these issues could include:

  • Feeling pain in breasts, neck, back, and shoulders
  • Difficulty doing some sports
  • Negative effects on body shape
  • Lack of self-confidence

Advantages of Mammoplasty

Many patients express complete satisfaction with the results of mammoplasty surgery, as it helps them improve their appearance and enhance their self-confidence. Another great advantage of performing this surgery is that the patient will not face any problems while doing sports or some strenuous physical activities, having done mammoplasty.

Mammoplasty can address numerous issues associated with excessively large breasts.

The health risks that having large breasts can bring about, make this issue a serious concern for many women. The good news is that if you have very large breasts that have made you suffer from daily problems, you don’t have to live like this forever. Mammoplasty can reduce the size of your breasts and provide you with many benefits.

Benefits such as:

✶Reducing some frequent headaches

✶Making a better sleep pattern

✶It helps with breathing more easily 

✶Reducing existing musculoskeletal pain

✶Reducing the risk of breast cancer

✶Better performance in sports 

✶Reducing the risk of eating disorders

All these mentioned advantages have made mammoplasty a suitable option for many women. Many women with any breast size can undergo breast reduction surgery. However, performing this surgery is more suitable and practical for those who have excessively large and troublesome breasts.

Preparing for Mammoplasty

1. The most important point to consider before intending to do mammoplasty is choosing a professional surgeon. Choosing a surgeon who has successfully performed this procedure numerous times can help ensure your desired result.

 Dr. Mehdi Ariana is a well-known and leading surgeon in all types of breast surgical procedures and cosmetic plastic surgeries who can help you reach your desired aim for surgery with his professional surgical background and experience.

 2. Before mammoplasty, the surgeon first examines the medical records and will ask you to do some tests such as mammography or ultrasound.

3. In case you use any medicine and herbal supplements, your surgeon has to know them all. You will probably need to stop taking some medications such as aspirin or contraceptives before surgery.

4. You will also be told not to eat or drink about 12 hours before the surgery. 

The Procedure of Mammoplasty

There are several methods and techniques for performing mammoplasty, all of which are associated with removing excess breast tissue, reshaping the breast, and changing the position of the nipple. 

The technique chosen depends on factors such as the patient’s physique and desired outcome, which also impact the resulting scar condition. One of the most common methods is that the incisions are made starting from the halo around the chest to the bottom, between the chest and the rib cage. If the breasts are large and drooping, first the nipple and areola are cut and then they are reattached. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia and it is usually done within two to three hours. Before and after surgery, antibiotics are prescribed to prevent wound infection.

Best Candidates for Mammoplasty

Those who:

– are physically healthy

– have realistic expectations from the surgery result

– suffer from back pain and neck pain due to the heavy weight of their breasts

– have skin problems in the area under the skin folds

– can benefit from mammoplasty.

After Mammoplasty

After mammoplasty is performed, a dressing is placed over the incisions, which, besides reducing swelling and inflammation, protects the breasts until they completely heal. A thin tube is temporarily placed under the skin to remove excess fluid and secretions coming out of the incisions.

  • It is recommended that the patient rest for a few days after the surgery.
  • It is forbidden to take medicines such as aspirin after surgery.
  • Regarding physical activities, walking is highly recommended after surgery. Heavy physical activity is prohibited for about four to six weeks after mammoplasty.
  • Sutures must be kept clean.
  • If the skin of the breasts is dry after surgery, you can use moisturizing creams.
  • Two weeks after the surgery, the patient can do personal activities, but the important thing is that lifting heavy objects should be avoided.

The recovery period of this surgery varies for different people. For example, some patients experience increased sensitivity in their breasts, while others complain of numbness in their breasts, which, of course, resolves after some time after surgery. Therefore, the recovery period after mammoplasty surgery is very important. 

Different Types of Mammoplasty

There are three main types of mammoplasty surgery; augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction mammoplasty. Another name for the type of reconstruction is therapeutic mammoplasty.

Augmentation Mammoplasty

Augmentation mammoplasty is performed to increase the size of the breasts. A fuller appearance can be created for the breasts after augmentation mammoplasty. Women undergo this surgery for many reasons. Some women feel that their breasts are too small. Others prefer to regain the lost size after pregnancy and childbirth. Some women who intend to do this surgery are also unhappy with their asymmetrical breasts.

Augmentation mammoplasty is done using an implant, which is placed under the chest muscle or on it. The incision required for this surgery can be made under the axilla or armpit or the breast fold. In general, augmentation mammoplasty is the least invasive compared to others and the length of the incision is only 3 cm. To increase the size of the breasts, an incision is made in the armpit, an endoscope (a narrow tube with a camera and light) is inserted into the breast and the exact location of the implant is determined. Using this endoscope depends on the type of surgery and it might not be used in some cases.

Breast augmentation is a major surgical procedure to increase breast size. Like any other surgery, this surgery also comes with some sensitivities and risks. It is very important to discuss your concerns and expectations about the surgery with your doctor. Also, check out the benefits, risks, and alternatives to breast implants before surgery. 

Reduction Mammoplasty 

Reduction mammoplasty is performed in most cases for women who have very large breasts and are suffering from pain in the neck, back, and shoulders due to heavy breasts. During this surgery, excess skin, fat, and breast tissue are removed. 

Reconstruction or Therapeutic Mammoplasty

Breast reconstruction surgery is often performed on women who have undergone mastopexy surgery to treat breast cancer. This surgery reconstructs the breasts in order to create a favorable and desirable appearance and to add volume to the breasts. The nipple and areola around the chest are also reconstructed in this surgery. Unfortunately, the natural feeling of the breasts and their normal function like breastfeeding cannot be restored. This is because the sensory nerves and mammary glands and ducts have been removed or severely damaged during surgery.

The appearance and volume of the breasts can be restored with breast implants or the tissue of the person’s own body. If the implant is placed in the breast, it can restore the previous size of the breasts and also make the breasts symmetrical. 

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to choose an experienced surgeon in this field to undergo this surgery without any fears of unwanted side effects or unfavorable results. Dr Mehdi Ariana is a world-famous breast and cosmetic surgeon who can help you reach your preferred result after the surgery. 

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